how do we adapt when the future comes knocking?

My name is Anthony Thet (*1980)

and I’ve seen 38 years of music technology come, go and stay.
From analog to digital, from buy to share, from own to stream, from local to cloud, from save to dangerous and from many different to one.

As a professional musician holding a degree in business administration (Technische Universität Berlin) I am currently teaching management & marketing classes at SRH/HDPK, University of West London and Akademie Deutsche POP.

I have been involved in the world of music business, motivation and business team trainings for many years now. With music’n’emotion, a team training concept by speaker & music producer René Rennefeld, I had the chance to train & entertain more than 40.000 participants in almost 300 events together with a fantastic team of creatives.

My speaker program is a collection of successful and unsuccessful music business approaches to dealing with digitization, change management, future trends, miscommunication, project management dilemmas, motivation killers and team management catastrophes and I would love to share these stories with you now.

Come see me live or join my classes at
University of West London
(Strategic Music Management)

University For Popular Arts (HDPK)
(Music Production Management)

Deutsche POP Academy
(Music Management/ Project Management/ Marketing)

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About me…

Long story short:

I have been a professional live and studio guitarist since age 16 and I’m currently signed to BMG Rights Management and Künstlerhafen. I’ve played with acts such as Ich+Ich, Lutricia McNeal, Natasha Thomas, Fahrenhaidt feat. Cassandra Steen and many more. I also had my own band Asher Lane signed to Warner Music and our song New Days spread in over 90 countries being picked by Nivea (Beyersdorf) for an international campaign. Besides that, I had finished my studies in business administration at the TU-Berlin majoring in marketing and health care management.
After acquiring my third constant lectureship (UWL, HDPK, DPOP) and working with business greats such as René Rennefeld (ex BMG) and Dirk Mahlstedt (ex EDEL), I’ve  found that there are so many funny stories about misconceptions in the field of motivation of individuals and teams towards change, future and technology or just daily business.

Time to share and laugh with you…

My Music…


17. März in BERLIN (öffentlich)
Ort: Apostel Paulus Kirche (Grunewaldstr. /Akazienstr.)
Zeit: 20:00 Uhr
Tickets: (Abendkasse // Veranstalter: ARTON)

18. März in LEIPZIG (öffentlich)
Ort: Pfeffermühle
Zeit: 17:00 Uhr
Tickets: EVENTIM

26. Mai in BOLTENHAGEN (öffentlich)
Ort: Jazzfestival
Zeit: tba.
Tickets: tba.

My Music…

My current music activities concentrate on the Duo Thet à Thet which is my cello playing father and me. We’ve recorded our first album together titled I’m Yours.

Have a listen on  iTunes.
Also available on CD and Vinyl on Amazon.

And check out our Video

I'm Yours by Thet à Thet (official Video) from Thet à Thet on Vimeo.

Thet à Thet (unplugged) – Always gonna make it from Thet à Thet on Vimeo.

some footage from the past…

ASHER LANE with „NEW DAYS“ in a NIVEA Commercial from 2006
Klick Video

Asher Lane „Explain“
Klick Video

Asher Lane „Neon Love“
Klick Video

Here with Fahrenhaidt feat. Cassandra Steen
Klick Video

One of my solo recordings with Mokoh Music „Gentlemental“
Klick Video



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